Best Food Delivery Bag Prodel HT Stack 40-39-39

Best Food Delivery Bag Prodel HT Stack 40-39-39

If you need a bag that is hard and doesn’t need space in your storage and takes two orders, then this bag is the best solution for your business. This is one of our best food delivery bags! It is reasonably priced, portable and fully collapsible. It is absolutely a must have delivery bag!


Best Food Delivery Bag PRD-22-HT-Stack

  • Fully collapsible delivery bag: Is the best food delivery bag designed to fold easily up to third of its size, and saves space when finished with deliveries. Certainly, it’s the perfect solution for operations that are tight on space.
  • Portable, stackable, bag with foam insulation: Features 3 layers of insulation on all sides of the bag to keep the food at the proper temperature during delivery.
  • Hard-sided structure: All sides of the bag is hard, which makes the bag’s structure rigid enough to preserve the shape of the packaging and the quality of the food inside. This hard bag also gives you the advantage to add a horizontal shelf.
  • Horizontal shelf: Also known as innovative shelf solution, is designed to lock the temperature of the food inside and to carry two big orders.
  • Lightweight and durable YKK zippers: YKK is a Japanese brand zipper approved by major companies worldwide, because of the durability and reliability of the zipper. We use #8 YKK zipper for this bag.
  • The Stack are made from Gotek 900D waterproof water-repellent
  • The usage of antibacterial fabrics: The primary function of antimicrobial is to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from living and growing on the fabric.
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced handles
  • Plastic foot stand: Keeps your bag from getting dirty and wet when placing it on the floor or on dirty surfaces.

Additional information



Weight Empty (kg)


Weight with One Shelf


Internal Dimension width x depth x height (cm)


Internal Dimension width x depth x height (inches)


External Dimension width x depth x height (cm)


External Dimension width x depth x height (inches)


Internal Capacity (liters)


Carry Mode




External Fabric

Gotek 900D Water repellant

External Fabric Treatment

Hydrophobic Treatment

Internal Fabric

420D Nylon

Internal Fabric Treatment


Zipper Type

YKK Zipper

Zipper Size


Insulation Type

PRTI-Tripple Layer Insulation

Hard Sides


Plastic Foot Stands


Reinforcement Stitching

x10 Reinforced Stitching Points

Condiments Internal Compartment


Quality Assurance

Prodel’s Bags are always performance tested at fully loaded capacity, using our stringent quality control standards. Before we offer any product for sale, it is put through rigorous tests of strength, durability, and dependability that represent the environmental demands of food delivery. This attention to quality and performance is why Prodel Bags has been a preferred choice for many food delivery businesses all over the world.

Warranty policy

Pro Plus Creative offers a limited one year warranty on all Prodel bags including the add-ons. Our Warranty covers the defects in materials and workmanship. In the rare case of a fault, the product will be repaired or replaced without charge.

This warranty does not cover any accidental damages caused by mishandling, wear and tear or damages caused by extreme heat, acids, solvents, or water leakage. We also disclaim liability for any amount exceeding the price of the product.