Delivery Box For Bike Prodel MILES HOTnCOLD 33

An intuitive solution to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery team. Fix the Stainless steel on your bikes, Attach the bag to the rack, and deliver in an easy, secure and comfortable way. The bag has a secure, heat insulation design that keeps the food hot and safe while it reaches to its destination.  



Delivery Box for Bike PRD-Miles HOTnCOLD 33

  • Delivery box installed on the motor bike or bicycle: This bag has an attachment made of stainless steel that can be installed on the motorcycle or bicycle. The bag can be removed from the bike instantly with no need to unbuckle, unscrew or unzip anything.
  • Insulated delivery box for bike: Developed with 4 Layers of insulation that preserves the heat of the food until delivered to your client’s doorsteps.
  • Excellent quality zippers: We use #10 YKK zippers supplied by a worldwide Japanese company. These zippers are durable and lightweight and considered to be a cut above the rest in the market.
  • Waterproof, water repellent & tough fabric:  In addition to 900D, this bag is made with Gotek 1000D which is 100% Nylon fabric with PU coating. This fabric is waterproof, ultra-tough, lightweight, breathable, water-repellent used in military and equipment protection bags. Therefore, it is made to withstand heavy scratches, giving this bag a long life.
  • Long-lasting antibacterial fabric: Antibacterial agents are used for the inner lining that is in close contact with food doesn’t get contaminated with bacteria and viruses.
  • Durable top handles: This delivery box has top handles that are built to carry heavy loads for a long period of time.
  • Sturdy and lightweight delivery box for bike: Sturdy yet comfortable to carry on the back without feeling the weight.
  • Adjustable straps to fit securely and comfortably on the back
  • Internal zipper pocket: A small pocket for the menu and condiments.
  • Lower back support: Comfortable back design with thick but soft breathable/ventilated padding, gives the user a maximum back support.
  • Aluminum hard frame: Gives the bag a sturdy, durable structure and gives the driver an ergonomic backpack design.
  • Light reflectors: Designed for safety during night deliveries.
  • Zipper rain cover: Prevents rain from entering inside the bag.
  • Multipurpose delivery bag includes the below addons to make it fully functional, suitable for any type of delivery operation:
    • Internal separator: Shelf that separates the bag in to 2 or more compartments to hold more food in an organized way possible.
    • Heated shelf: Is an easy to use and maintain internal element that heats in 5 min and keeps the food hot for about 50 min.
    • Internal heated bag: Is a separate bag that can be added to the bag.
    • Internal cold compartment: Can be added to the bag which helps in delivering mixed orders (hot and cold) in one solution.
    • Top beverage: Additional compartment for beverages on top of the bag.

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