Heat Delivery Bag Prodel Fresh Heat Star 432

Fresh-heat-star 432 is a heat delivery bag with 3 layers of insulation is used for delivering hot and crispy  pizzas. The heater that comes along with the bag is made of industrial grade components used for heavy usage, the heater is 12v and comes with a car cable that connects to the cars 12v power outlet. This means the bag can be heated continuously all the way to the clients location. An adapter is also available (not included) that connects the bag to a 220v power outlet, this allows the bag to be pre-heated in the shop for the restaurants in very cold weather conditions.



Heat Delivery Bag Fresh-Heat-Star 432

  • Heating element: Is a heated shelf made of industrial grade components that are designed for heavy usage. It is internally regulated at an average of 60°c.
  • Insulated pizza delivery bag: The bag is built with 3 layers of insulation to maintain food temperatures longer than the traditional delivery bags.
  • YKK Velcro closing system: This heat pizza delivery bag is equipped with triple Velcro strips for extra secure closure every time the driver opens/uses the bag.
  • Durable 900D fabric: The fabric used for this bag is 100% polyester. The exterior of the bag has one inch padding and features heavy stitching for added durability.
  • Reliable antibacterial fabric: Antimicrobial additives for the textile work as a protective agent to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms inside the bag.
  • Reinforced top and bottom handles: The handles are padded so the driver can hold the bag comfortably whichever way he desires, without fearing to fall off his hand.
  • Lightweight yet durable: Designed to hold up to 2 pizzas, while it still retains its lightweight when carrying on the road.
  • Window tag with frame for ID or business card insertion
  • Internal pocket with zip closure for menu and condiments

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