Ice Cream Transport Bag Prodel 22 HT ICER-KAB

An extraordinary design ideal for ice cream and cold food deliveries. The key benefits are to keep the foods cold and to place multiple orders by separating the bag with a horizontal shelf which adds a value to the bag.



Ice Cream Transport Bag PRD-22-HT-Icer-Kab

  • Heavily insulated ice cream transport bag: The inside of the bag is padded with heavy insulation which keeps the ice-cream cold during transport.
  • Blue ice gel packs: Act as a supporting agent in keeping the food and beverages cold for a longer time possible.
  • Durable, rigid, and lightweight foam insert for holding ice gel packs: The foam insert is a tray that is inserted into the bag to hold the blue ice gel packs, which act as a supporting agent in keeping the food and beverages cold for a longer time possible.
  • Best quality YKK zippers: The Japanese YKK zippers used for this bag are made of coil. They are lightweight, and durable under stress. Therefore, these YKK zippers are considered to be the most reliable type of zipper for food delivery bags.
  • Durable 900D fabric: This fabric is waterproof, tough, and breathable, suitable for cold delivery bags.
  • Reliable antibacterial fabric: Used inside the bag in order to prohibit the growth of microbes and fungi, which is a major cause of odors and contamination.
  • Portable, lightweight & durable ice cream bag
  • Aluminum hard frame: Sturdy, well-made, hard structure.
  • Plastic foot stand: Rigid plastic foot stands for keeping the bag from spills and dirt.
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced straps: Promote safe, comfortable carrying from place to place.
  • Condiment compartment: A space where you can place condiments, menus and frozen liquid gel packs.
  • Modular delivery bag system allows you to upgrade, adapt, or transform the bag to suit your operation:
    • Foam cup holder: Designed to safely hold cold drinks inside the bag.
    • Internal leak proof add-0n: A transparent PVC with hook velcro tape stitched on all the sides to be fastened securely to the loop stitched inside the bag for protecting the bag internally from leakage.

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Weight Empty (kg)


Weight with One Shelf


Internal Dimension (cm)


Internal Dimension (inches)


External Dimension (cm)


External Dimension (inches)


Internal Capacity (liters)


External Packing Carton Size (cm)


Keep Cold @FCL-RT*

4 Hours

Carry Mode