Pizza Box Bag Prodel Dura Star E373715

Introducing our finest quality yet affordable pizza box bags made by our skilled workers using durable fabrics. The bag is insulated on the 6 sides, keeping the pizza delivery order hot and fresh during delivery.



Pizza Box Bag PRD Dura Star E373715

  • Triple insulation: This pizza box bag is insulated on 6 sides, keeping the pizza delivery order hot and crispy for a long period of time. Also, the bag has ample ventilation to let the vapors escape. Thus, no moisture or smell stays inside the bag.
  • Velcro fasteners: Triple YKK Velcro strips developed to ensure durability and safety for a reliable delivery.
  • Robust 900D tough fabric: The fabric is 100% polyester with PU coating; the exterior of the bag has one inch padding and features heavy stitching to prevent rips and tears.
  • Antibacterial Fabrics inside the bag protects from 99.99% of bacteria and contamination
  • Durable top and bottom handles: Designed to hold the hot delivery bag comfortably whichever way the user desires without fearing to fall off his hand.
  • Lightweight pizza box bag due to the lightweight durable fabrics used.
  • Window tag with frame for order details
  • Internal pocket with zip closure for menu and condiments

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