PVC Sleeve for Printed Flex

PVC sleeve 5233 protects the printed flex from external influences that may affect the quality of the flex attached to the bag. Additionally, the transparency of the PVC sleeve allows to reflect your brand image and up-sell your products. Its is suitable for backpack 48 series: 52-5233 PDJ BIG, and Miles-5233-PDJ.

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Quality Assurance

Prodel’s Bags are always performance tested at fully loaded capacity, using our stringent quality control standards. Before we offer any product for sale, it is put through rigorous tests of strength, durability, and dependability that represent the environmental demands of food delivery. This attention to quality and performance is why Prodel Bags has been a preferred choice for many food delivery businesses all over the world.

Warranty policy

Pro Plus Creative offers a limited one year warranty on all Prodel bags including the add-ons. Our Warranty covers the defects in materials and workmanship. In the rare case of a fault, the product will be repaired or replaced without charge.

This warranty does not cover any accidental damages caused by mishandling, wear and tear or damages caused by extreme heat, acids, solvents, or water leakage. We also disclaim liability for any amount exceeding the price of the product.